This is the website of The Royal Monetary Council, the Treasury, of the Sovereign Nation of Bougainville Islands.

An Introduction to Bougainville Islands and the Issues it is struggling with can be derived from The Executive Summary of Bougainville Islands [447 KB] .

More extensive outlines can be found in Complete Tutorial on Bougainville.

This website provides an outline of the basic parts of Bougainville's “Constitutional & International Banking Law”, the "CIBL [845 KB] ".

CIBL's major codification is about Bougainville's Monetary System, the U-Vistract, and Bougainville's Sovereign Currency BVK, now fully outlined in The BVK-White Paper: [1.155 KB]
The New Gold Standard of the U-Vistract System underlying BVK,
How under the U-Vistract System BVK is created and monetized, and
Disclosure of the First Creation & Monetization of BVK.

The CIBL is a Law enacted by the Triune Government of Bougainville Islands, and in particular by the Head of State, King David Peii II, based on the Papa’ala and Me’ekamui Tradition of "Peii Mure", which translates into "The Law of the King" and means: It is the Kings prerogrative to create and enact Laws.

This website also portrays the Scope & Applicability of the CIBL, the tasks of the Executive Body “The RMC” and that of its other bodies including their delegated tasks and legal competences.

The CIBL also covers all the ins and outs of:
• Bougainville Banks operating within the borders of Bougainville Islands, and
• Bougainville Banks operating Locally as well as Internationally (IBOM).

Business Propositions for Bougainville
If you want to present a Business Proposition for Bougainville to do business with Governmental Organizations on Bougainville Islands, you can submit it to the Royal Monetary Council. Please follow the procedure outlined in this FILE [292 KB]